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Life Safety Monitoring Systems

The GSCS life safety monitoring system developed by GenTech is a set of automatic control system with open interface, compatible with a variety of main stream communication protocols. GSCS system has the following characteristics:

     1.    Expertise AccumulatedDeeply

     2.    Reliable and Stable Network Architecture

     3.    Perfect System Function

     4.    Clear and Concise Operation Interface

     5.    Rich Variety of Intelligent Terminals

     6.    Industry Standard Interface Protocol

     7.    Flexible Customization of Optional Features

GSCS Life Safety Monitoring System Mainly Includes:

Gas Leak Monitoring Module

Bulk Gas Information Monitoring Module

Scrubber / Exhaust Status Monitoring Modular

Gas / Chemical Equipment Operation Statue Monitoring Modular

Open Communication Interface Module

Remote Intelligent Terminal Monitoring Module